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I stared at it for five minutes.

Five very long, unforgiving, never-gonna-get-these-back minutes. 

”______ _______ is now in a relationship.”

Thank you Facebook, for letting me know that now is the time to move on. It almost know how a year later - exactly - was when he asked me to be his. And now that’s all gone. This summer I have done well for myself, financially I’m set, got myself some new boobs; but here’s the honest truth: I’ve never felt lonelier. 

It’s almost so late at night I could pass this off as dreaming. I mean, what are the chances that exactly a year later from last, almost the same day - he’s replaced me with a completely different girl. I wonder if she’s shorter, blonder, thinner, taller, curvier, or has all my stats but is just better. I don’t know many games, but the game of life is the best at being cruel at times. 

Life has a way of pairing multiple factors at the same time, time, people, hearts dangling in the distance - and putting them at the precise points needed to paralyze someone. I sit here paralyzed. I don’t know if I’ve felt this low in a while, but I recognize this as numbness. I need to distract myself until it goes away 

As many of you know, I want to have a lot of careers in the future but the main hat I’m interested in wearing is being a writer. Not so much J.K. Rowling as an inspiring research investigator. But not science. ‘Social mysteries’ as I call them. That’s what I want to embark on. There is so much that we can’t account for in our relationships, even down to the everyday exchanges we have with strangers. One project that I really want to focus on, especially in terms of romantic relationships - is infidelity. 

More so - what makes men cheat? I’ve narrowed it down to putting it on the guy, because it’ll be easier and more manageable for me to tackle. How much does Facebook and social networking have at stake for our relationships? What makes a man a cheater? Is sexting cheating? What are the factors that add up which push the man into the arms of ‘the other woman’? Is it when the girlfriend gets comfortable farting? Or when she stops wearing make up out? Or when sex goes from twice a day to twice a week? I want to figure this out. There’s gotta be a formula :-)

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If you are waiting for anything in order to live and love without holding back, then you suffer.
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We can only be friends if you’re kind of an asshole. Not full blown asshole because that’s no fun. And if you’re not an asshole at all then that won’t work either. A halfway asshole. Those are my kind of people.

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He looked at me like I was crazy. Most of my lovers do, and that’s partly why they love me, and partly why they leave.
-Jeanette Winterson  (via funkypoolparty)

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That’s the best revenge of all: happiness. Nothing drives people crazier than seeing someone have a good fucking life.
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